The game is kind of a chariot simulator.
I, however, give.5 stars simply because everything works (no glitched ach's) and it is free.
There are a few exceptions out there.If your chariot gets destroyed, you get to retry.It is an advertisement for the up and coming remake of Ben-Hur the movie and maybe a unique game for a movie tie-in.There really is not much to say about this "game".None of them are overly difficult though you may spend some time in frustration trying to destroy all enemy chariots in a season.That is about all this game is worth, an easy free.The controls function properly.X-Men Origins: Wolverine and, mad Max were really good games that could have stood on their own without a movie, but then you have games like.The graphics look last gen and other than driving around in circles for a couple minutes per race, I don't think improved graphics would have meant a damn thing.The objective is to win.The Man from.N.C.L.E.I wanted to post the last two paragraphs as a t it really isn't spoiling anything you will not find out literally 2 minutes.

I Love You (2007) -.P.L.So do you need a few points?Well we cannot accuse them of making money with this game since it is free and that is a relief because if anyone paid for this I think they would be irate!Superman Returns and, harry Potter The Order Of The Phoenix that were obvious attempts at just making more cash to go along with the movie.Win and move on to the next race, lose and retry over and over.The last being 4 laps.That achievement delayed my 100 trennung bauer sucht frau by about 45 minutes.There is so little to this game that it would have just been overkill.That, my friends is the entire story for this game.
And that is the entire game.
Some positive notes are that the achievements all work.

In summary, easy and rather quick.
That's about it for that.