15 Regulation of prostitutes was introduced during the Burgundian regime (13841482) but often ignored.
James Slodzik, England It is frightening that anyone should propose that the law should be framed around what is good for the Treasury.What is illegal here is soliciting the sale of sex and living off immoral earnings.By contrast in the built-up areas of Las Vegas and Reno, where it is not legal, you find typical scenes of streetwalkers who suffer from all the abuse and harassment familiar in most cities.Retrieved 11 November 2016.Legal prostitution didn't even make the top ten.Katie, UK Our Government prostitutes itself to big business so why can't we prostitute ourselves to big business men?Gaol everyone in HM Inland Revenue for "living off immoral earnings held, so to speak, at Her Majesty's Pleasure.Child labour is deemed immoral, and likewise smoking heroin yet in both cases they could estland frauen kennenlernen be deemed the individual's decision in part.If it exists, it could have existed out of shame and out of guilt in the mind.15 The regulatory regime was regarded as discriminatory towards women in the 1940s, 9 leading to Isabelle Blume 's proposals being passed as federal law in 1946.Phil Davies, UK What is the point of making the earnings from prostitution taxable?
I fail to see how legalising prostitution will help this.
Alexis, Belgium It is funny how inner-city areas are the focus of this trade with drugs and pimps Tom, England Yes, both male and female prostitution should be legalised and regulated as in Germany.

Vanessa, 36, marketing buyer: I think it should be legal.Brothels there are clean safe and well regulated.Women will not be controlled by a pimp but by a form of licensing, designed not to prohibit but to improve their services.Not offering a safe haven or refugee is far more dangerous and I would say more deplorable than the act itself.The decision should be based solely on the consequences on the quality of life of prostitutes, their clients, and society at large.Jacky, England No amount of regulation will prevent prostitution from taking place Adam, UK No amount of regulation will prevent prostitution from taking place, it should be accepted as an inevitable feature of society and the government should maximise this latent revenue potential, the same.Peter Stanbury, UK Its sad to see that most of the comments on this issue are from men and that most suggest legalising a behaviour that degrades women and encourages the sexual objectification of women that is so common everywhere else in society today.19 See also edit References edit "Country Report on Human Rights Practices in Belgium".Randy, UK Taxing it would be immoral and might be taken to indicate that the state approves Mark Parker, UK Prostitution is generally a last resort for women who have no other means to raise the money they need.

I think the people who enter prostitution out of desperation will still do so, to pay for drugs or whatever.
2 Others, such as Antwerp totally restructured its red-light district and heavily regulated.
1 2, belgian municipalities may also introduce further prohibition or regulation.