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146 147 Ben-Hur saved MGM from financial disaster, 148 making a profit of 20,409,000 on its initial release, 4 and another.1 million in profits when re-released in 1969.
93 Some additional desert panoramas were shot in Arizona, and some close-up inserts taken at the MGM Studios, with the final images photographed on February 3, 1958.
149 Critical reception edit Ben-Hur received overwhelmingly positive reviews upon its release.46 The screenplay differed more from the original novel than did the 1925 silent film version.Surtees, who had already filmed several of the most successful epics of the 1950s, was hired as cinematographer for the film.Berkeley, California: University of California Press.Judah returns to his home in Jerusalem.127 A veterinarian, a harness maker, and 20 stable boys were employed to care for the horses and ensure they were outfitted for racing each day.98 By the end of the production more than 1,000,000 pounds (450,000 kg) of plaster and 40,000 cubic feet (1,100 m3) of lumber were used.Filming commenced on May 18, 1958, and wrapped on January 7, 1959, with shooting lasting for 12 to 14 hours a day, six days a week.They are rescued, and Arrius is credited with the Roman fleet's victory.Philadelphia: Temple University Press.118 Among these were Sergio Leone, 119 who was senior assistant director in the second unit and responsible for retakes."Lew Wallace Got Ben-Hur Goingand He's Never Stopped." Life.162 Ben-Hur also won three Golden Globe Awards Best Motion Picture Drama, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor Motion Picture for Stephen Boyd and received a Special Achievement Award (which went to Andrew Marton for directing the chariot race sequence).Charlton Heston has claimed that Fry was Wyler's first choice as screenwriter, but that Zimbalist forced him to use Vidal.The Films of the Fifties: The American State of Mind.

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90 It was the third-longest motion picture ever made at the time, behind Gone With The Wind and The Ten Commandments.As Jesus is being marched through the streets and collapses while carrying his cross, Judah recognizes him as the man who gave him water years before, and returns the gesture.Fry did not arrive in Rome until May 1958 and Vidal says he did not leave Rome until mid or late June, so Vidal's arrival in Rome can be deduced with some accuracy.June 25, 1996,.Marton conceived the idea of showing that Ben-Hur was able to land on and cling to the front of his chariot, then scramble back into the quadriga while the horses kept going.140 This release included several featurettes, including a commentary by Charlton Heston, a making-of documentary (made for a laserdisc release in 1993 screen tests, and a photo gallery.
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18 One notable change in the film involved the opening titles.