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It has been termed a "re-adaptation "reimagining and "new interpretation" of the novel.
63 In March 2016, Adam Sidman, an associate of Timur Bekmambetov, sent a request to the Bureau of Land Management's South Coast in Palm Springs, which oversees federal land in the Coachella Valley area, asking if the team can shoot a horse scene in the.
Retrieved b Rebecca Ford.Hence, he wanted to stress the themes of forgiveness and love rather than mere vengeance.Retrieved August 4, 2016.Ben-Hur' Flopped, But 'Me Before You' Topped 200M.114 Sources at rival studios put the film's break even point at about 250 million globally.Retrieved October 3, 2016.Whats left is the feeling of a slapped-together saga exhaling its last dutiful breath.Retrieved b Alicia Rancilio (10 February 2016).A total of 86 horses rotiform hur felgen were supplied by horse master Steve Dent, with back-up animals, and were trained for several months, to be able to race at 40 miles per hour.
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90 It was the last big-budget release of the summer movie season.

50 On September 18, sources confirmed that Toby Kebbell was in early talks to play the villain, Messala."Weekend Box Office: 'Ben-Hur' Bombs, 'War Dogs' And 'Kubo Open Soft".The Magnificent Seven 'Storks' Swoop in to Save the Box Office"."Jurassic World" (Release date: June 12, 2015) After making waves in "Guardians of the Galaxy Chris Pratt cemented his leading man status with Jurassic World, the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park franchise.30 On January 21, Pilou Asbæk was cast as Pontius Pilate, replacing Pascal for the role.16 Huston was well aware of the comparisons escort euskirchen being made between him and Heston, saying "Of course there are going to be haters, that's par for the course when you're retelling such an infamous tale.After producer Sean Daniel persuaded him to read the script, he accepted it, 39 saying "I read the script.
65 Though no official reasons had been given, archaeological experts speculated that the influx of heavy filming vehicles and hundreds of extras to the arena could have caused untold damage to the site.