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Adriatic: French submarine Curie reaches Austrian Pola naval base, but trapped in outer net barrage, captured and renamed.
In a sign of Austria-Hungary's strained relationship with her nominal ally Italy, the proposal failed with little support outside of Seitz' party.
Film footage and photographs exist of Szent István 's last half-hour, taken by Linienschiffsleutnant Meusburger of Tegetthoff with his own camera and by an official film crew.Washington,.C.: Army Transportation Association.3 The year 1922 found Bridgeport continuing her service on the East Coast, mostly between Narragansett Bay and Hampton Roads, tending destroyers and assisting in destroyer target practices on the Southern Drill Grounds off the Virginia tent huren duitsland bodensee Capes.1 In April 1902, she sailed on the Bremen to Baltimore route for the first time, and in September 1903, added Galveston to her itinerary.Bridgeport was the third such ship sent to French waters, and her arrival in August 1918 freed Panther to attend to urgent repair work in the Gironde River.The underwater protection system consisted of the extension of the double-bottom upwards to the lower edge of the waterline armor belt, with a thin 10-millimetre (0.4 in) plate acting as the outermost bulkhead.The following day, the navy had to raise the anchor out of 48 metres (157 ft) of water and re-attach it to the ship.On Ebergardt steamed for the Bosporus, intending to bombard its fortifications.
Brest, France, where she remained in a support role after the end of World War.

Meanwhile, Admiral Spaun and Saida would be escorted by the fleet's four torpedo boats to Otranto to bombard Italian air and naval stations.She arrived at New York on 30 April for several days of upkeep and liberty before moving on to her summer base.Szent István had a few external variations from the other ships of her class.Goeben and, breslau, in March 1918, Goeben achieved her pinnacle of glory - she steamed into Odessa harbor with an armistice commission aboard, and a few days later she was in Sevastopol, sex date salzburg supervising the disarming of the Russian ships there.End of the war edit Main article: Raid on Pola Viribus Unitis sinking in Pola on 1 November 1918.With the collapse of General Baron Petr Nikolaevich Wrangel's White army in November 1920, the remnants of the once-powerful Black Sea Fleet ferried some 145,000 refugees from the Crimea to Turkey, then steamed on to Bizerte in French Tunisia.
"Re: Goeben Warship International, Greger, Rene.

The Russians continued to snap up Turkish shipping on the Anatolian coast, and during one of these sweeps the destroyers Derzkii and Gnevnyi had a brief encounter with the Breslau off the Bosporus on the night of 11 June.
During that time period, Tegetthoff starred in the movie Eroi di nostri mari Heroes of our seas which depicted the sinking of Szent István.
The Slovenian politician and prominent Trialist Ivan Šusteršič presented a proposal to the Reichsrat in 1905 calling for the construction of nine additional battleships.