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(1999).21.02.40 Roosa and Christopher (1990).00.23.23 Walter and Vaughan (1993).05.21.11 Weeks.(1995).00.09.09 Overall effect size ( d ).05.01.09 View Large Table.
The results of the analysis indicated a very small overall effect of the interventions in abstinent behavior.
( 1993 ) Project Taking Charge: six month follow-up of a pregnancy prevention program for early adolescents.Encourage critical thinking skills and young peoples participation in decision-making.Journal of Adolescent huren bergkamen Research, 7, 208 232.( 1991 ) Project taking-charge: An evaluation of an adolescent pregnancy prevention program.A matter of human rights, the sexual and reproductive choices of young people can have a cascading effect on their human rights.Google Scholar Rosenthal,.The effect sizes were calculated from means and pooled standard deviations, t -tests, 2, significance levels or from proportions, depending on the nature of the information reported by the authors of primary research.Addressing gender and power issues also leads to better health outcomes.Accessed March 12, 2016.The limited number of effect sizes precluded such analysis.Monitoring trends in sex education and information.Programs that promote abstinence have become particularly popular with school systems in the US (.

When provided, the exact value for the test statistic or the exact probability was used in the calculation of the effect size.Family Planning Perspectives, 22,.* Google Scholar Howard,.Similarly, to ensure the independence of the data in the case of follow-up studies when multiple measurements were reported across time a single estimate of effect size was included.These names may imply differences in emphasis.( 1997 ) Needed: a ban on the significance test.The average effect size calculated for small-scale intervention was significantly higher than that for large-scale interventions (.26 and.01, respectively).It is not likely that this represents a decline in the quality of sex education interventions.Analyses of the effect sizes were conducted utilizing the D-stat software ( Johnson, 1989 ).Under those conditions, Q E follows an approximate 2 distribution with k p 1 degrees of freedom, where k is the number of effect sizes and p is the number of regressors ( Hedges and Olkin, 1985 ).Delivering high-quality comprehensive sexuality education requires training and support.Unfpa also advocates for policies on, and investments in, comprehensive sexuality education, both in and out of schools.
England and Wales rank 19th, with year.

Finally, an added advantage of including only published articles is that it helps reduce the risk of data dependence.