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This route does not open up new areas, but creates the frau sucht frau koblenz possibility of establishing new tangential lines, which could play an important role with the Stadtbahn for.The model of success is the so-called "Regio-Karte".12 neue Stadtbahnwagen vom Typ Urbos 100 für Freiburg at the Wayback Machine (archive index), Freiburger Verkehrs AG,.At about the same time, a nationwide debate began concerning the introduction of a cost-effective and transferable "environmental protection monthly ticket based on the system used in Basel, where it had been operational since quickly adopted in other Swiss cities such as Bern and Zurich.On the basis of strong criticism from the citizens and the directorate of the trams, which advertised on the exterior as "speckled and striped monsters the cit took over the jurisdiction from 1925 and decided in 1927 a voted in a concept of tram advertisement.
References edit Notes edit a b Manfred Gallo: Freiburg: Der Hoobl fährt seit 107 Jahren.
In the same year, the VAG increased the voltage from 600 volts to the conventional 750 volts of direct current.

A b c d e Freiburger Verkehrs AG: Mobile Stadt Die Geschichte der Straßenbahn in Freiburg.89 Work finally began on 90 For the new route, Kronenbrücke had to replaced with a bridge suitable for trams.This is one thing, however, one can completely ignore nowadays: the time of the streets is over.77 78 Since July 2017, ten Urbos (301-310) are currently being used.The canton lies on the elevated Swiss Plateau.There are over 20 stalls preparing specialities from all over the world, so you can try Italian, Chinese, Argentine, Japanese, Indian, Brazilian or Middle Eastern cuisine.