"Convenient conflations: modern slavery, trafficking, and prostitution".
Prostitution: prevention and reform in England.
If the sexual services are, in fact, provided.
There is no statutory definition of a brothel.Child Sexual Abuse: Guidelines on Prosecuting Cases of Child Sexual Abuse."Harman: poll shows public support for ban on buying sex".Paying for Sexual Services Relevant Law Section auto huren wien 53A of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, inserted by Section 14 of the Policing and Crime Act 2009, creates a summary-only offence of paying for the sexual services of a prostitute subjected to force, etc.This offence is aimed at individuals who cause prostitution through some form of fraud or persuasion Christian (1913) 23 Cox.C.City of dreadful delight: narratives of sexual danger in late-Victorian London.Laws are not always strictly enforced, and there are reports of police forces turning a blind eye to brothels.Keeping a Brothel Relevant Law The following are summary-only offences under the Sexual Offences Act 1956: Section 33 - keeping a brothel.However, a newspaper which carries advertising for illegal establishments and activities such sexkontakte spremberg as brothels or venues where sexual services are offered illegally may be liable to prosecution for money laundering offences under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.However, where rooms or flats in one building are let separately to different düsseldorf bordell flughafen individuals offering sexual services, it may be treated as a brothel only if the individuals are effectively working together.Proponents of sex buyer laws argue for a system in which it is illegal to pay for sex, as is the case with prostitution in Sweden, prostitution in Norway and prostitution in Iceland.The Crown Prosecution Service."Derby bishop warns of 'pop-up brothels' in Peak District".A person commits an offence if he arranges or facilitates the victims travel by recruiting them, transporting or transferring them, or harbouring or receiving them, with a view to the victim being exploited in any part of the world.It is thought that the prostitutes, known as Winchester Geese, may have been buried in unconsecrated land at the Cross Bones burial ground.

"British parliament to debate whether paying for sex should be illegal".This interim report will be followed by final recommendations, when we consider other options, including the different approaches adopted by other countries.Retrieved 8 November 2015.Three prostitutes were killed.It will generally be in the public interest to prosecute those who abuse, harm, exploit, or make a living from the earnings of prostitutes."Most sex workers have had jobs in health, education or charities survey"."How #pledgedecrim takes sex worker rights to the mainstream".Is prostitution legal in Britain?

"GEO Survey: Prostitution 1 September 2008 Topline Results" (PDF).
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All-Party Parliamentary Group on Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade.