A b Minden Herald, October 24, 1947,.
38 Defeat in 1964 edit In a field frau sucht sextreffen of eight candidates, the junior Haynes emerged as Batton's principal rival in the primaries.
"Haynes Defeats Batton in Webster Runoff Vote The Shreveport Times, January 12, 1964,.
2 In January 1948, while his brother was already a city council member,.25 In 1974, McClung ran for mayor of Minden but lost the Democratic nomination.E.(1902-1960 his successor as police chief, and.Early in 1959, Sheriff Batton joined Otis.Huckaby, was the president of the Webster Parish Police Jury.Batton won the Minden area by five hundred votes but fell short in the remainder of the parish."Batton Elected Sheriff Minden Herald, February 21, 1952,.Több mint autóalkatrész, tOP 13 ford escort alkatrész, népszer escort gépkocsi cserealkatrészek.A recount increased Batton's total to 4,222; Gilbert, 4,065, and McGinty, 148.31 Reelection by four disputed votes in 1959 edit In the 1959 sheriff's campaign for his third term, Batton pledged to continue "a business-like administration" of the department, to fight juvenile delinquency and to maintain "our southern way of life." 32 In the 1959 returns."Echoes of the Past: Sheriff's Race 1933".McGinty held the remaining 145 votes cast, three votes more than required to avoid a runoff contest.All SCA flights are instructional in nature conducted by certified flight instructors under 14 CFR Part 61 of the United States Code.
1 "Candidate Denies Plan to Contest Close Vote The Shreveport Times, December 16, 1959,.

Bryant Batton finished last in the race with.8 percent of the ballots cast; he won a plurality only in his native Dubberly.Haynes won the special election in which 80 percent of registered voters cast ballots.Minden: Perseverance and Pride.Gyártók, sex sucht bezeichnung kiszállítás, kedvezmény, költség szolgáltatás-információk.Cskapcsoló: bilincs, a mi árunk: 1048,00 Ft, 27 ÁFÁ-val.48 49 As sheriff, Haynes appointed the first African-American deputy, Louis Dunbar,.
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