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The V1 is designed to alert instantly to radar, enhancing its ability to spot sub-second signals.
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The matte-black case, like with the V1, doesn't project an annoying mirror image of itself into the windshield on sunny days.
Learn why now is the best time to own a radar detector.A black housing, an absence of chrome trim and a utilitarian red.A routine task like shutting off X band, which has nearly disappeared in this country, takes about 12 seconds in an Escort and can be done while driving.Why You Need a Great Radar Detector.Unfortunately, it equaled the Max 360 in the tendency to detect Blind Spot Monitoring systems in passing cars and bark K-band alerts in response.All operations are controlled by a rotary multi-function switch that handles audio volume, muting and operating mode.But on the road we noticed some advantages of the understated haberdashery.Display brightness is multi-step-adjustable or a photocell will do the job automatically.Trade in your old detector and save.Using a single control conserves space but slows the pace considerably.The Max 360 has the unique ability to simultaneously display the frequencies of two signals, one for each antenna.

Avoid traffic tickets and higher insurance rates today.The Valentine One is a familiar face and has been a contender in a dozen of our shootouts since it was introduced in 1991.The STiR Plus is an installed, high performance stealth sex angebot munchen defense system for radar and laser that features Ka-band selective programming for faster response times.Shop Now Copyright 2017 Beltronics.XR may seem a bit dowdy compared to the Max 360.Many are drawn near like moths to a flame, often tailgating and refusing to back off.And it's quick to respond, faster than either of the Escorts.Performance on par with my SmartRadar (Both Radar and LiDAR).Download Now Subscriptions, Mounts, Cords and More, all the detector accessories you need.

Learn More, you don't have to speed to enjoy knowing whether there's a radar trap up around the bend.