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Our most popular solutions utilise readily available calipers and rotors, mated to specially manufactured aluminium caliper brackets and disc bells.
It made its first appearance in the Mk1 Escort in 1970 and replaced the Lotus twin cam engine as the new high performance engine for the Ford Rally Sport models.
If you just require bells then a simple drawing or pattern will be enough for us to work from.Advanced Vehicle Operations ran successfully for nearly four years, but in October 1973 came the energy crisis.Custom Brake kits, bells brackets.Catégories, informations, mon compte.This new facility was la dolce vita bordel called 'Advanced Vehicle Operations' (AVO for short) and it was located at Arisdale Avenue, South Ockendon, Aveley, Essex, England.Custom kits : Call, bells: 180-240 pr, brackets : 250 pr AP Racing disc/bell mounting kit, genuine AP bell-to-rotor fixings won't rust and are stable under the extreme heat ranges experienced by brake discs.Confort tuning, eclairage ampoules, equipement hiver, pARE soleil.Il y a 0 produits dans votre panier.During the early seventies Brian Hart (amongst many others) developed this engine further and his 87mm big bore alloy block version, giving an increased capacity to 1840cc, was eventually adopted by Ford and used to power the later RS1800 Escort.By November 1969 approval for the new facility had been given by the Ford Management and Advanced Vehicle Operations was set up to design, develop and build specialist cars.Fuel prices soared and, like other manufacturers, Ford's car sales dropped.Once at AVO, they were placed on an overhead carousel which ran around the factory.The idea was simple.By early 1975, the AVO factory had closed its doors for the last time.Il y a 1 produit dans votre panier.
When the completed car was removed at the end of the line, a new body was loaded onto the carousel and the process started again.

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We specialise in creating one-off high performance brake kits for vehicles where no off-the-shelf kits are available.It's very important to torque these bolts correctly (10.5ft/lb or 14nm) in order to avoid damage to alloy bells.At least 15 types have been produced ranging from the 1098cc BDJ (150bhp) through to the 2 litre bdte turbo version (650bhp in full race trim) which was produced with a slightly longer block to improve its structural strength.AVO also worked on a number of interesting prototypes, including the Frua-bodied Mexico, Escort Mexico Estate, four-wheel-drive Capri and 3-litre V6 Turbo versions of the Granada and Cortina.The Escort Twin Cam was being built inside the mainstream factory at Halewood, causing considerable disruption given the relatively low number of units produced compared to the standard saloons.This was soon followed by the Escort Mexico and later in 1973, by the Escort RS2000.Although the 1600 BDA was adapted from the 1600 push rod bottom end (the uprated 711M frau kennenlernen schuchtern version) only the block and the con rods are interchangeable.Production initially centred entirely around Ford Escort models and the first car, an Escort RS1600, was driven off the line by F1 champion Graham Hill on 2nd November 1970.The BDA and all its derivatives went on to dominate the motorsport scene and even today, 30 years on, it is still providing many winning cars with their power.As the cars moved around, the engine, transmission and suspension were fitted from below.
Following the launch of the Escort Twin Cam in 1967, it became clear that a specialist department was needed to cater for Ford's new breed of low volume, high performance cars.
At Burtons we have identified the need to support our customers with some of the major components which are becoming difficult to source.

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To create a bespoke/one-off brake kit for your vehicle we would require a hub, wheel and ball joint although we do have many hubs already in stock.
AP Racing part number CP3845-100K12.