a h2 Winchester SXP Turkey /h2 Touted as the worlds fastest pump shotgun, the a target blank" Winchester SXP /a is loaded with features that make it appealing not just to turkey hunters, but to other hunters and target shooters, as well.
p /p strong Price: /strong 998 h2 Remington 870 SPS Shurshot Synthetic Turkey /h2 A traditional pump with a modern twist, the a href"px" target blank" 870 SPS Shurshot /a is built specifically for spring turkey hunters.p /p strong Price: /strong 659 h2 Mossberg 500 Turkey thug /h2 The a href"m name has long been a favorite among turkey hunters looking for a shotgun that will break the heart of love-struck longbeards without breaking the bank.Shotguns (28) (6) (18) (1) (2) (8) (103) (15) (67) (7) (54) (8) (68) (21) (21) (118) (4) (18) (14) (223) (50) (37) (468) (350) (513) (252) (39) (17) (25) (86) (13) (55) (4) (5) (328) (32) (454) (83) (24) (59) (64) (25) (33) (216).The a target blank" Turkey thug /a edition provides a modern twist to a time-tested classic, featuring a tactical, adjustable stock, a 20-inch barrel for added maneuverability, a pistol grip to lessen recoil, and rifle-style fiber-optic sights to aid in rapid target.Black chrome coatings inhibit corrosion from wet spring weather and Mossy Oak Obsession frauen sex date helps you hide from the most wary longbeards in your woods.Its wrapped with Realtree APG camouflage.A Shurshot synthetic pistol-grip stock comes standard on this 3 -inch magnum, giving you more mobility and knockdown power at extended ranges.The Hornady Versatite wad does the patterning, so these loads don't require shotgun modification or specialized turkey chokes.Compact, concealed, and quick, the Mossberg 500 Turkey thug is a shotgun that will impress your buddies europe top escort and perform time and time again.p /p Mossy Oak Obsession camouflage and a synthetic stock not only help you hide better, they help you hunt in the most extreme conditions without worry.p /p strong Price: /strong 840 h2 Remington 11-87 Sportsman SuperMag ShurShot Turkey /h2 The a href"px" target blank" 11-87 SuperMag /a is a reliable, smooth-cycling, heavy-hitting auto-loader that gives you the security of a rapid, just-in-case follow-up shot.Gun is as new condition.Weighing only 6 pounds, hiking out of the woods with a gobbler in tow wont break your back.It features Mothwing Spring Mimicry camouflage on all stock components, a 13 -inch length-of-pull for added comfort, a pistol-grip stock, and a compact 21 -inch barrel mounted with a ported, extra-full turkey choke.Heres a look at 10 of the best turkey shotguns for 2014.p /p strong Price: /strong 698 h2 Mossberg 935 Magnum Turkey /h2 The a target blank" 935 auto-loader /a is crammed with features, making it an ideal companion in the spring gobbler woods.

At 1300 fps for the 12 gauge load, and 1200 fps for the 20 gauge load, Heavy Magnum Turkey ammunition allows hunters to achieve lethal results out to 50 yards.h2 Benelli SuperNova /h2 The a href"m name has always been synonymous with reliability and quality.p /p Complete with the security of a T/C lifetime warranty and the freedom to convert the gun into a rifle or muzzleloader simply by changing barrels, this turkey gun will be silencing the spring woods for generations.900 (msrp 1269).Who can blame us?Can be sent to your local gun shop for.00 325US418/361, semi-Auto Shotgun (R/H) - S/H * AS NEW condition superb value FOR money.
Gun is fitted with battle sights and red fibre type front sight for quick target acquisition 350US450/388, semi-Auto Shotgun (R/H) - New, sHOP demo model reduced TO clear!