By taking a boring production line box and inserting, in some case shoehorning, in a bigger or more powerful engine.
Fiesta XR2 X / Flow (Fiesta XR2 1600 cc) Early (pre 1971) 1100 / 1300 / 1600 and GT Capri / Cortina / Escort.The works rally cars were highly specialised machines.The impact on Ford of Great Britains bank balance must have been enormous: in 1980, the UKs best selling car was the mid-sized, high-profit, Cortina.The 950 cc engine was still offered in Italy but in larger markets elsewhere in Europe it was unavailable.When it came to replacing the Escort, it reverted to revolutionary form, combining Mondeo style dynamic excellence with concept car styling.Clarification needed This car featured colour-coded bumpers, vinyl decorations on the bodywork and a Capri style vinyl spoiler.This victory came despite the arrival on the WRC scene of the venerable four-wheel drive Audi Quattro.The Escort hatchback and station wagon were produced in Argentina until 2004, having been sold alongside its successor (the Focus ) during the final stages of production.

Similar styling featured in the larger Cortina Mark III (also built in West Germany as the Taunus ) that was launched in 1970.Available for Escort Cosworth, Escort Cosworth T25 and Fiesta RST.Diesel engine on small family cars were very rare, so the Escort featured initially only Petrol engine.1 L, and.3 L versions.The suspension was fully independent all around, departing from the archaic Leaf spring arrangement found on its predecessors.Underneath the bonnet was the Kent Crossflow Engine.As well as an all-new interior, a new.4 L derivative bordell in bautzen of the CVH engine was introduced, as well as numerous suspension tweaks to address the long standing criticisms of the Escort's handling and ride quality, although these had limited success.Late (1972 onwards) 1600 GT Escort Mexico.From launch, the car was available in Base (Popular L, GL, Ghia and Ford Escort XR3 Trim package.Ford Escort is a, small family car manufactured by the, ford Motor Company from 1967 to 2003.The 150 bhp (112 kW) RS2000 also appeared in 1991 with a 16v version of the Sierra's.0 L engine and also improved ride and handling meaning a Mark V Escort finally delivered on the road.As it happens, the 1990 Escort was Fords most heavily clinicked car to that date, and without doubt it offered exactly what the customers wanted.
Also new were the overhead camshaft CVH engines.3 L and.6 L formats, with the Valencia engine from the Fiesta powering the.1 L derivative.

Underneath the cars were identical to the standard Popular trim level.
To sell the last few.1 L engines, a special variant called the "Finesse" was released by Polar Ford.