When the pirates attack the Romans, Arrius's galley is rammed and sunk, but Ben-Hur escapes and saves Arrius's life and, since Arrius is believing the battle to have ended in defeat, also prevents him from committing suicide during their time afloat.
(We don't hear the testimony, verdict, or sentence; but we see Pilate famously washing his hands.) Recognizing Jesus from his encounter with him as he was being taken to the galleys, Judah attempts to give him water during his march to Calvary, echoing Jesus' kindness.Decades later, the chariot race, which occupies about 20 minutes of screen time, is still majestic and spectacular to behold. .Trivia Sheik Ilderim's white horses were brought in from Lipica, Slovenia, the original home of the snow-white "Lipizzaner" horse breed.It was a Latin word that on a ship meant chief of the rowers, or he who has command over the rowers, 1 and likely has roots in the Latin verb hortor (to exhort, encourage).When the Roman fleet encounters the Macedonians, Arrius orders all the rowers except Ben-Hur to be chained.Esther learns of their condition when she finds the two women after nightfall in the Hur house's courtyard; and they beseech her to conceal their condition from Judah and allow him to remember them as they were.See more » Goofs Sheikh Ilderim and Judah pronounce the name of the Sheikh's chariot horse "reegh-el as though it were from the Latin, with a hard "g." The four horses, as the Sheikh, are "named for the stars and all those names - Aldebaran.DVD release Edit Ben-Hur has been released to DVD on three occasions.Discovering that Judah had been a winning charioteer in Rome, Ilderim introduces him to his "children" and requests that he drive his quadriga in the upcoming race before the new governor, Pontius Pilate.You never get tired watching.
It won: Best Motion Picture ; Best Director for William Wyler; Best Leading Actor for Charlton Heston ; Best Supporting Actor for Hugh Griffith ; Best Set Decoration, Color for Edward.

The film went on to win a record of eleven.Also in residence is their slave Simonides (Sam Jaffe) and his daughter, Esther (Haya Harareet who loves Ben-Hur but is betrothed to another.Ben-Hur was the first remake to ever win the Best Picture Oscar.The 15 million production was a gamble made by MGM to save itself from bankruptcy; the gamble paid off when it earned a total of 75 million.Recunoscându-l pe Iisus din timpul întâlnirii sale cu El când era în drum spre galere, Judah încearc s îi dea escort ön tampon sisli ap în timpul drumului su spre Golgota.Arrius galley is rammed and sunk, but Ben-Hur rescues him.Filmul începe cu clasica poveste a naterii lui Iisus Cristos.