Lab Exercise: A Simple Shell.
Other recommended books: Operating System Concepts, by Silberschatz et al (.Lab Exercise: Using Shared Memory.From Computer Communications to Networks.Lectures (1.1 Wednesdays 9-10am; Fridays 4-5pm, labs c'est quoi ce bordel mp3 (Dual Boot Lab, LF39/35/34 Group F (idays 09:00-11:00; supervised by CK/GE 10/10,24/10,14/11,28/11,12/12.Copies of the above are available from the John Rylands University Library and the UG Resource Centre.

Lab Exercise: Manipulating Kernel Objects.Lab Exercise: A Multithreaded Application.A System Deadlock Model.Synchronization in Shared Memory Multiprocessors.Lab Exercise: Memory-Mapped Files.Generalizing Process Management Policies.Lab Exercise: Bounded Buffer Problem.Supporting Distributed Software and Middleware.CS2051 - Operating Systems, announcements, schedule, schedule: pdf.The Task at Hand.Operating Systems: Design and Implementation, by Tanenbaum.

Group G (idays 09:00-10:00; supervised by CCK 14/10, 28/10, 18/11, 02/12, 16/12.
Lab Exercise: Observing OS Behavior.