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P?id1364 "Manuela Bunster and Amanda Jara Turner are daughters of Victor Jara.
After leaving for exile, she returned to Chile in nutten krems the 1980s where she remains today.
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Dave, o'Hara lives in a really big house.O'Hara, that search for Laura's old roommate's paid off.They were planning on taking it to John O'Hare.I've got to get my hands on a gun, o'hara.This really hasn't been my day, O'Hara.I spoke with Senator.O'Hara and I will shake these gearheads down.By Louise Boyle "The singer"s widow Joan Jara and her daughters Amanda Jara Turner and Manuela Bunster, who were eight and 13 years old when Jara was killed, are seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.".Last Thursday, you were on duty when a Scarlett.
After her marriage broke up, she and Jara slowly moved toward a romantic relationship.
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It looks like Scarlett, o'Hara over here is hiding something.All right, have Jin contact the TSA.O'Hara will set up camp and protect the herd.She spent the next 10 years travelling the world to highlight what had happened in Chile, before moving back to Santiago in 1983.O'Hara, find a nice spot for her in the conference room.She landed at, o'Hare this morning from Cabo San Lucas.Ml "Ex-Pinochet lieutenant living quietly in Florida faces civil lawsuit from family of Chilean poet 'brutally tortured and killed in country's military coup 40 years ago' * Celebrated folk singer and poet Victor Jara was tortured and murdered following the CIA-backed military coup in Chile.One was an instructor, Joan Turner Bunster, a British-born dancer and dance teacher who was married nutten h to a Chilean ballet star.
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O'Hara, your father has his finger firmly on the pulse of this case.