She asked him if he was dangerous, before allowing a visibly older and private nutten ch taller Walt to speak with him.
Jacob also divulges that he needed to get Jack and Hurley away from the Temple because "someone bad" was arriving hobbynutten in hessen there.Upon arriving at the safe-house, the two were ambushed by three men who Sayid killed.Locke unsuccessfully attempted to convince Hurley to return to the island.As they almost kissed, Jin and Sun showed up, informing them that something was found in the jungle.Number sexkontakte celle 2 runs all the operations and Number 1 is not revealed until the final episode, Number 1 being the person actually in charge.He figured he was doing George Lucas a favor by writing the sequel.He confessed to the killings that Sayid had made and was placed under arrest.While alone in his house, Hurley is approached by Ben Linus, who asks Hurley to come with him so they can go back to the island, to which Hurley declines.Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, episode count 107 episodes, 3 mobisodes, listen3.( The Incident - Part 2 ).Hurley stays behind in their van to treat a wounded Sayid as the hydrogen bomb is detonated.This escalated into a full-on car chase with the lapd.After lying to Walton about never having met Ana Lucia, Hurley was left alone and, while looking at the interrogation room glass, had a hallucination of the ocean behind the window and Charlie Pace swimming up to it with the words "they need you" written.After witnessing Arzt's unexpected demise, Hurley blames himself due to his consistent bad luck.
He later threw a Hot Pocket at Benjamin Linus and surrendered to authorities.
He tripped and fell on his back, and was surprised to look up and see Locke standing over him.

Hurley intended to run away, but was stopped by Locke, who believed, correctly, that it was moving the other way.After Jacob revealed that he knew Hurley's name, Hurley figured he was a ghost but he said he wasn't dead.Linus Ab Aeterno The Package Richard responded with a plan to blow up Ajira 316, but when Hurley visited Libby's grave the next day, Michael 's ghost appeared and warned against this.The New Man in Charge Hurley continued to protect the Island for an unknown period of time, with Ben acting as his adviser.Without being stupid, Hurley is rather naive.His life fell into a rut, but Hurley seemed content getting his job back.There in the woods, Hurley discovered an old Volkswagen.Hurley realized that Miles could talk to the dead, and shared that he could too.( Tricia Tanaka Is Dead ) Sawyer challenges Hurley to a game of ping-pong in order to win back his stash.Hurley noted that the year is 1977, and Star Wars had just been released.
That night, Hurley took upon himself the job of dividing the remaining food from the plane among the survivors.