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He cannot afford to save anything.
But so far, he hasn't found the greater opportunities he had hoped for in Europe.It is known that for years the provision of this product is one of the most profitable, and most notably illegal, activities, with Sex Trafficking being a prominent example.The practices are the same as in the «traditional» type of brothel, but the service offered is not for the mass-market."The main issue is that they have no money, either for their daily lives or to pay for a smuggler explains Kenneth Hansen, the programme manager at Faros, an NGO that runs a shelter for unaccompanied minors close to the park."I've made a mistake, and now I'm deep in this s*.".
A sex worker in their 20s could have sex five times a night, bauer sucht frau gregor und beate earning up to 50 euros, he explains.

"I stayed for five years in Turkey working on a construction site, trying to earn some money and to organise my trip to Greece he says.Pedion Areos Park has become a hub of illegal male prostitution, sometimes involving refugees as young.The large statue of King Constantine I that stands at its entrance has been covered with graffiti.Read more: Going undercover as a sex worker 'It is going on in front of our eyes and no one is doing anything' Mahmoud says there are no pimps operating in the park and that it is only the asylum seekers' desperate situation that forces."If I steal, it's a problem.But Mahmoud isn't alone."My father went first before us and then the rest of our family followed him he says.
The film describes the miserable life of prostitutes in Trouba and the term «traditional brothels» derives from the way brothels operated there.

The awkwardness of those moments however is underpinned with the familiar illusion of the omnipotence of choice.