On the other hand, the database Mujeres en Cifras (Women in Figures) of tarif bordel Institute of Women and for Equal Opportunities (iweo contains more than 300 indicators, showing the situation of women in different sectors.
Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 83(8 579603.The National Statistical Plan, which covers a four-year period, is the main instrument to organize the statistical activity of the General State Administration.Retrieved from: Nolen,.B., Braveman,., Dachs,.N.W., Delgado,., Gakidou,., Moser,.Inadequate availability of sex- and age-disaggregated data makes it harder to examine access to treatment across the HIV cascade.1.Results are published on a national scale and are also available by county and municipality to allow policy makers to address regional and local issues.It is approved by Royal Decree and during its drafting procedure an ex ante gender impact assessment report is carried out.
Having data by sex does not guarantee, for example, that concepts, definitions and methods used in data production are conceived to reflect gender roles, relations and inequalities in society.
2007 Bonnie Gillespie, courtesy of Photoshare measure Evaluation, funded by the United States Agency for International Development, has released three publications to help donors, governments, and groups working on health information systems (HIS) to better understand factors that affect collection and use of sex- and.

Sex- and age-disaggregated data, as well as gender-sensitive indicators that specifically measure gender equality, are also important for efficient and effective use of limited resources.It is founded upon both administrative databases and the offices' own self-report, thus achieving a balanced view through cross-examination.Gender statistics rely on these sex-disaggregated data and reflect the realities of the lives of women and men and policy issues relating to gender.Sex- and Age-Disaggregated Data 1 Croce-Galis,., Gay,., Harde e,.Sweden, statistics Sweden is commissioned by the Government to regularly follow up and present on the web a total of 88 indicators for the development of gender equality in Sweden, These Indicators cover the four sub-goals for gender equality that Sweden had until November 2016.To better understand what impedes the collection, analysis, and use of disaggregated data, measure Evaluation conducted an exploration at the national level in two countries in sub-Saharan Africa.Check out eiges Gender Statistics.In light of the gender disaggregated statistical data provided, governmental offices and units are stimulated to take appropriate actions to implement the recommendations of Department of Gender Equality).Learn more about the importance of gender integration in monitoring and evaluation, and sex-disaggregated data in particular.Country examples, norway, since 2008, Statistics Norway has published national gender equality indicators, including: Share of one- to five-year-olds in kindergarten, gender distribution in municipal council representatives, education; Gender distribution in the workforce, distribution of income, gender distribution in part-time work, use of fathers"s;.
Spain, spains Gender Equality Law (Article 20) states that public authorities must systematically include the sex variable in their statistics, surveys dicke frauen sexkontakte or data.

However, gender statistics are more than data disaggregated by sex.
Furthermore, the iweo collaborates closely with the National Institute of Statistics (INE by its Spanish acronym) to jointly carry out the online publication Mujeres y Hombres en España (Women and Men in Spain which provides updated data on the situation of men and women.
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