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We can assume the percent of teens with cell phones has risen above 78 since last year and with the popularity of smartphones more teens are not just getting a cell phone but a smartphone.
There is great chapter on sex and how it is a picture of the Gospel.Teens feel pressured to sext because everyone is doing it or maybe their boyfriend or girlfriend is pressuring them into.Most teenagers at some point will engage in dating relationships.Its a timely book that speaks about major issues we are facing today as a church and as a culture.We need to show them clear Biblical principles that can and should be applied to dating so they can go about it in a way that honors and glorifies God.Yet we treat these relationships as though they were a quasi-marriage, and thus grant them a measure of security that isnt really there.It is never wrong to anticipate a good gift from God.Is passionate kissing a sexual activity?True compatibility grows from a join quest to follow God, to conform your life to the guidelines of the Bible and to draw from the spiritual resources found in Christ.Platt dedicates a whole chapter to each one of these issues.
Telling teens and singles to develop their own sexual ethic is not pastorally responsible.

As youve noted, in our book we argue that Scripture recognizes three distinct types of male-female relationshipsthe family relationship, the marriage relationship, and the neighbor relationship (by neighbor we mean anyone who is neither a blood relative or a spouse).And that, we believe, is a category mistake.Not only that, but in many states sexting is actually illegal and is considered a major crime ( click here to sexting-related laws based on your state).Talk to them about how they should use text messaging and social media.However, I wouldnt say that makes this a bad book.Whenever we talk about things regarding sex its always important to go back to the theological foundation God put in place for sex, marriage, ben hur marcel youtube and relationships.
In preparation for that series I read a few books on the topics of relationships and sex.