Matthew Van der Wyk : ( laughs feebly ) I'm not crying.
Aldous Snow : Yes!
But- maybe if we just held each other or something- you would remember what it's like to be with.Sarah Marshall : No- Peter Bretter : Please hold.I didn't mean- well, you know what?Potosky, Mallory (April 14, 2008).Just dark, ominous tones.( chuckles ) Peter Bretter : You guys are.

" Move Your Feet " by Junior Senior is briefly played in background in the scene at the beginning when they are showing Access Hollywood clips.( Peter gives her a pleading expression ) Peter, I nuttea trop peu de temps download need you.If I wanted to see you act badly, I'd just watch your TV show- which, obviously, I can't now, 'cause it's canceled.Weed; You got any?Peter Bretter : ( sarcastically ) Would you like to pick out the outfit you break up with me in?!You just told me I need to meet people.Rachel Jansen : Sir-?Peter Bretter : I hear you say that, but it's not that easy.Before leaving, Peter takes down a naked picture of Rachel despite enduring a beat-down from the owner.

Snow, I'm so sorry- I didn't know you guys were coming- Y-You'e going to have to wait five minutes- I did not know you guys were coming- Aldous Snow : ( unconcerned ) S'okay, it's not a problem.
Peter Bretter : ( tries to read her nametag ) Rachel.