sweden legalized prostitution

Denmark, prostitution is legal here.
Source - rantlifestyle.In 2001, Germany passed a law that mandated sex workers be treated like workers in any other industry, which allows them to sue for better wages and hamburg hobbyhuren have full access to health insurance, pensions and other benefits.Stories about prostitution appear almost daily in the media, often with commentary from Gender Equality officials.Ministry of Integration and Gender Equality, Action Plan against Prostitution frauen treffen in trier and Human Trafficking for Sexual Purposes, accessed 19 December 2008 Archived at the Wayback Machine.143 Some of the debate raised the broader question of state paternalism versus individual choice, and whether there should even be moral laws ( Morallagar 144 145 given the pending Swedish elections on 19 September 2010.Är brott som avses i första eller andra stycket att anse som grovt, döms för grovt koppleri till fängelse i lägst två och högst åtta.Source - dailymail.27) ALM /99, 2001 Prostitution Ban Huge Success in Sweden.Sweden 's belief that prostitution is the most brutal expression of patriarchy has engendered a kind of paternalism about commodified sex that holds men responsible for their actions while assuming women can't.International Approaches to Prostitution.Retrieved " Sweden 2016 Trafficking in Persons Report".155 This was then followed by a joint manifesto from parliamentary candidates of five political parties, including Helena von Schantz (Liberal) and Hanna Wagenius ( Centre attacking the evaluation process and report as "immoral".Given how closely the two surveys were conducted (less than a decade apart it was found to be statistically impossible for the number to drop so significantly.New twist to old game.
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In Skilbrei and Holmström's critical review of the data and reports that have been published, they note that knowledge concerning the size of the market before the ban was primarily based on whom the social workers came into contact with.142 Other criticism came from Paulina Neuding, editor of Neo.Swedish law punishing sex purchasers very effective, Times of Malta, Behind the happy face of the Swedish anti- prostitution law, Laura Agustín, Evaluating the Swedish Ban on the Purchase of Sexual Services: The Anna Skarhed Report, Nordic Prostitution Policy Reform, Bakom det lyckliga ansiktet.150 The debate moved to the political arena when a government member of parliament, Camilla Lindberg 151 ( Liberal ) ( Dalarna ) and Opposition member Marianne Berg ( Left ) ( Malmö ) published a bi-partisan article in Expressen, stating that the law did."What the Nordic model and its proponents are saying is that men are not entitled to access the bodies of women and girls, even if they pay." The criticism: The Swedish experience is not universally celebrated, nor is it without many critics.Brottsbalken BrB (Criminal Code) 6:11 (English) Chapter 6 of the Swedish Penal Code 1962:700 Archived at the Wayback Machine.
One group of scholars, politicians, and NGOs made a submission to the Commission on, arguing that the Government should provide a civil rights remedy to people in prostitution in order to support their exiting the trade.
"The Nordic model is about more than just changing the law.