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Series 4 (2012) edit In series 4, the government and opposition have switched places following an election during which JB failed to gain a majority and is therefore in coalition government with a smaller third party.Retrieved Archived t the Wayback Machine.He is an inept cabinet minister who is generally out of touch with the electorate.Retrieved 1 September 2012.Wont you rise up from the pages of your comic-books your super bordell tiffany crooks and show us all the way.Think about why our society continues to produce war and death!When its your turn to take responsibility, do you fall back on tradition and repeat the mistakes of the past?While the childish repetition of life, as normally played out, continues.This is finally it its Your turn to * or get off the pot.
Your sperm's in the gutter - your love's in the sink.

41 The film followed the plight of the International Development minister as an inadvertent comment in an interview leads to him being used as a puppet by the president of the United States and the prime minister who are looking to launch a war.During series 1 it is revealed that he once had a relationship with journalist Angela Heaney ( Lucinda Raikes ) who makes occasional appearances through the first three series.Retrieved "ABC1 Programming Airdate: The Thick of It (episode one.The improvisation just makes it feel more real and not written." 3 Prior to rehearsals, the scripts are sent to a "swearing consultant" in Lancaster called Ian Martin, who adds some of the more colourful language.13 Hugh Abbot, played by Chris Langham, is a blundering minister heading the department, who is continually trying to do his job under the watchful eye of Malcolm Tucker ( Peter Capaldi Number 10 's highly aggressive and domineering "enforcer".Why do we perpetuate our ancestors sins?