(informal) ( maison close) brothel la réouverture des bordels the wuppertal bordell reopening of the brothels reopening the brothels exclamation (informal) bloody hell!
What a bloody mess!
EnglishIn the German brothel industry, nine out of ten prostitutes are from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.
More_vert, una investigación de Europol, datos del Consejo Europeo y los campamentos-burdeles temporales mostrados en la televisión alemana no dejan duda alguna en la mente de nadie de que el problema existe.(informal) ( désordre, pagaille) bauer sucht frau schriftart bloody mess (Brit) (informal) goddamn mess (USA) (informal).Copyright by HarperCollins Publishers.Ça va être le bordel!What a stinking mess!ThoughtCo is part of the Dotdash publishing family.What Does frauen kennenlernen greifswald Bordel Mean in English?EnglishA Europol investigation, data from the European Council and the temporary brothel towns shown on German television can leave no doubt in anyone s mind that a problem exists.Humanities, languages, jGI/Tom Grill / Getty Images, the French word bordel, pronounced "buhr- del literally means "brothel but is commonly used in casual expressions to mean "mess" or "chaos.".EnglishIn circumstances in which prostitution is legal, the pimp defends the girl, puts her in touch with brothel -keepers and forces her to submit to the demands of the environment to which he belongs.It'll be chaos!Examples and Common Expressions, quel bordel!

More_vert, en el negocio de los burdeles alemanes, nueve de cada diez prostitutas vienen de la Europa del Este y la antigua Unión Soviética.More_vert, en circunstancias en que la prostitución es legal, el proxeneta la defiende, la pone en contacto con los gerentes de locales y la fuerza a plegarse a las demandas del medio al que pertenece.Other common French expressions that use bordel include: mettre/ foutre le bordel - to create havoc mettre / foutre le bordel dans qqch - to screw/bugger something up bordel de merde (vulgar expression used for emphasis) - for God's sake, goddamnit.Yeah, well, your little kingdom is a mess.English, translation of bordel, the official Collins French-English, dictionary online.Over 100000 English translations of French words and phrases.Il y a une différence énorme entre une tenancière de bordel à Hollywood qui mène une vie de luxe facile, comme Heidi Fleiss (ce qui ne l empêche pas d avoir.Many translated example sentences containing c est le bordel.Y a traite d êtres humains lorsque le propriétaire d un bordel engage des femmes.What does the French word bordel mean?" Mache es dir selbst " meinten sie nur, ich hatte schon einige Male mastubiert und begann mich vor ihnen zu streicheln.
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